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The True Cost of Timber Vs Plastic Pallets

Timber Pallet
Plastic Pallet
Timber Pallets
New Plastic Pallet
Cost of pallet:
Air freight rate
$3.00 per kg


Total saving by using a plastic pallet: $71.00 per pallet exported.

If the airfreight rate is higher, these savings grow, and this cost comparison does not even take into account the savings to be made from the transport to and from the port/airport, the cost of delays in delivery at destination because of ‘quarantine holds’ caused by concerns most countries have with timber pallets; or the cost of claims on you from your customers for damage to their merchandise caused by nails or splinters protruding into their cargo. As plastic pallets are not subject to quarantine problems, they will be accepted worldwide. Even using lighter timber pallets is going to cost you more when you take all costs into account.

Plastic Pallets has a quick return on investment.

The more pallets you ship, the more you will save by using plastic pallets. If you use second hand plastic pallets you will save even more.

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