Euro Nestable Export Plastic Pallet

$32.00 + GST

Euro Nestable Plastic Pallets are the preferred pallet for European importers. Great for all types of export products.

We can supply small or large volumes with minimal notice, Australia wide.

Plastic Pallets assists the environment to create a more sustainable future by using recyclable materials. So why not move to the more environmentally and quarantine friendly plastic pallet?

  • No Phytosanitary certificate inspection needed on export.
  • No fumigation costs for the pallets.
  • No delay in delivery to your overseas client caused by timber pallet regulations.
  • 100 % recyclable. Can be shipped again and again
  • More than 10 years life span.
  • Hygienic, moisture-proof, odourless and non-toxic. Very resistant to chemicals, particularly acids and alkalis, and to U. V. radiation
  • May be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised.
  • Minimum maintenance and safe to handle – free from screws, nails, splinters and chipping.
  • Four way entry for pallet jack and four way entry for fork lift.
  • Dimensionally stable under all climatic conditions
  • Preferred pallet for European importers.


1200mm long X 1000mm wide X 120mm high. ( /-5 mm)
Carrying Capacity
2,000 kg static; 600kg dynamic.
A$32 GST per pallet ex factory (Melbourne, Sydney and Perth) (100% of GST can be claimed back upon export)
6.4 kg each. Minimise OH & S risks, anyone can lift and handle with ease. Reduce your airfreight bill with lightweight pallet.
Minimum Order
No minimum order. A $30 surcharge applies for delivery of fewer than 10 pallets in Sydney and Brisbane.
Suited For
  • Airfreight due to their light weight.
  • Fresh foods
  • Refrigerators
  • Pharmaceuticals and hygienic requirements
  • Pallet jacks
  • Very high chemical resistance, particularly acids and alkalis
  • 4 way entry forklifts and pallet jacks
  • Nestable pallets reduce space when storing or transporting in bulk.
PPC (Recycled). Cold and heat resistant. Injection moulded / heat compression welded.
Australian wide delivery to all capital cities, all regional cities, all states, we can deliver anywhere.